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Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: ��ͨƪ�Ƿdz��ܻ�ӭ�ĸ�ϵ�н̵̳ĵ�3����.ͬʱҲ�Ǹ�ϵ�н̳����һ���ֽ�ѧ��Ƶ. ���뵽Photoshop��ҵר�Һͻ���Deke McClelland�Ľ�ѧ����. ̽����ͳ���ߵľ޴�����.���磺masking �� blend modes��delve into Smart Objects��Photomerge�ȵ�

In the all-new Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Mastery, the third and final installment of the popular series, join industry expert and award-winning author Deke McClelland for an in-depth tour of the most powerful and empowering features of Photoshop CS5. Discover the vast possibilities of traditional tools, such as masking and blend modes, and then delve into Smart Objects, Photomerge, as well as the new Puppet Warp, Mixer Brush, and HDR features. Exercise files accompany the course.

ѧϰ����Ƶ��ѧǰ�������� �Ѿ�ѧϰ��Photoshop CS5 һ��һ��ѧ������ƪ�͸߼�ƪ.

Recommended prerequisites: Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals and Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Advanced.

Using masks and blend modes in radically new ways
Mastering the Pen tool and Paths panel
Transforming and maximizing Smart Objects
Employing Smart Filters to create complex effects
Exploring the capabilities of Bristle brushes and the Mixer Brush
Merging multiple images into seamless panoramas
Exploring the full range of luminance with HDR Pro
Recording actions and batching-processing images


Welcome 02:45
Making Photoshop your default image editor 07:43
Installing the dekeKeys keyboard shortcuts 08:10
Remapping OS shortcuts 07:37
Installing the Best Workflow color settings 04:31
The color settings explained 06:54
Loading the CS5 color settings in Bridge 03:05
01:11:34 25. What Photoshop Can Do, Pt. 3: The Face Paint
Your creative range continues to expand 01:46
The Avatar project so far 02:38
Painting on a photograph 07:50
Adding texture and depth 06:14
Simulating chalky white paint 07:23
Masking and placing an image 07:20
Upsampling and Lens Blur 05:09
Blending blurry elements 03:48
Making a Smart Object 06:46
Placing an image as a Smart Object 03:22
Blending away a background 05:56
Applying Smart Filters 04:34
Creating a glow with Lens Flare 03:45
Blending and masking a glow 05:03
01:26:55 26. Masking Essentials
Using the image to select itself 01:53
Introducing masking 06:32
Making an alpha channel 06:54
Using the Calculations command 06:48
Add, Subtract, Offset, and Scale 05:54
Prepping an image with the Dodge tool 06:55
Fixing mistakes before they get too big 06:32
Painting in the Overlay mode 05:51
Exaggerating and selecting flesh tones 07:39
Smudge, Median, and the Blur tool 06:59
Masking low-contrast details 06:07
Creating a flesh-and-clothing mask 05:45
Masking and compositing the foreground 05:27
Finessing the final composition 07:39
02:24:34 27. Everything About the Pen Tool
Connecting the dots 01:40
The Pen tool and the Paths panel 06:32
Drawing a straight-sided outline 06:31
Editing a path outline 06:36
Adding and editing smooth points 05:35
Creating vector masks with the shape tools 04:59
Building a complex outline from shapes 04:26
Subtracting and transforming shapes 06:45
Cloning, flipping, and combining shapes 08:58
Roughing in non-symmetrical paths 07:41
Finessing a complex outline 09:15
Masking a layer effect 08:26
Isolating an image element 06:08
Smooth points and control handles 09:03
Stretching curved segments 07:49
Using the Rubber Band option 09:33
Drawing smooth points with the Pen tool 06:59
Shading an isolated object 03:45
Drawing cusp points 07:14
Setting points in the pasteboard 09:57
Using the Convert Point tool 06:42
02:57:17 28. Blend Modes Revealed
Everything you need to know about blending 01:45
Photoshop CS5's blend modes 07:21
Cycling between blend modes 06:15
Darken and Lighten and their derivatives 06:03
The blend mode shortcuts 08:06
The Multiply and Burn modes 04:28
The Screen and Dodge modes 06:00
How opposite blend modes work 08:24
Why Multiply darkens and Divide lightens 05:23
Cleaning up a client's bad art 05:03
Dropping out a white background 05:56
Blending inside blend modes 08:03
Overlay, Soft Light, and Hard Light 06:26
Vivid, Linear, and Pin Light (and Hard Mix) 06:35
Difference, Exclusion, Subtract, and Divide 07:34
Great uses for the Difference mode 06:18
Promising uses for the Divide mode 09:06
Hue, Saturation, Color, and Luminosity 07:00
Blending an inverted layer 03:32
The "Fill Opacity Eight" 07:25
Making bad blend modes good 05:16
Making a knockout layer 06:53
Blending in the CMYK mode 08:03
Overprinting black text 08:29
Using the Luminance slider 05:24
Parametric luminance masking 06:21
Adjusting the behavior of luminance effects 10:08
02:02:11 29. The Power of Smart Objects
Smart Objects = protective containers 01:35
Placing an Illustrator graphic 06:30
Vector copy and paste options 06:56
Applying Puppet Warp to vectors 08:09
"Gluing" vector art for Puppet Warp 05:50
Warping art onto the surface of an image 08:07
Blending a Smart Object 04:30
Blurring and blending a Smart Object 06:08
Making changes in Illustrator 05:57
Creating "true clones" 07:18
Double-flipping text 04:44
Applying effects to multiple layers 03:24
Updating true clones in one operation 07:36
Editing JPEGs as Camera Raw objects 05:49
Creating a double-exposure effect 07:15
Masking and shading transitions 07:47
Applying and repeating Camera Raw edits 06:09
Copying vs. cloning a Smart Object 05:18
Flipping a Smart Object and its mask 03:42
Adjusting multiple Camera Raw clones 03:53
Text that inverts everything behind it 05:34
01:59:47 30. Nondestructive Smart Filters
This time, "smart" means dynamic 01:37
Introducing Smart Filters 06:28
Traditional High Pass sharpening 05:17
Smart High Pass in the Lab mode 07:57
Sharpening a high-frequency image 07:46
Retroactively reducing noise 07:31
Which filters are Smart Filters? 06:20
Shadows/Highlights as a Smart Filter 04:37
Nesting one Smart Object inside another 07:11
Drawing a mask from a nested Smart Object 08:07
Better Shadows/Highlights inside Lab 09:16
Tempering saturation values in Lab 07:00
Filtering live, editable text 09:02
Enhancing filters with layer effects 04:33
Applying a filter multiple times 05:00
Creating a synthetic star field 07:07
Making a stucco or drywall pattern 06:28
Land, sea, and clouds 08:30
02:50:29 31. The Bristle and Mixer Brushes
Photoshop's advanced painting tools 02:03
Canvas texture and brush libraries 06:40
Painting with a predefined custom brush 09:21
Dissecting a custom brush 11:09
Designing and using a custom brush 04:54
Saving and loading brush presets 05:27
The ten styles of bristle brushes 09:47
Size, Spacing, and Angle 07:02
Using the Bristle Brush preview 07:53
Bristles, Length, Thickness, and Stiffness 06:53
Stylus tilt and mouse behavior 05:25
Stroking a path outline with a brush 04:00
Troubleshooting a stylus 05:49
Introducing the Mixer Brush 07:22
The Load, Mix, and Wet values 05:01
Cleaning and loading a brush 06:26
Shading a piece of graphic art 06:34
Shading with color 07:53
Mixing a photographic portrait 06:11
Tracing the fine details in an image 05:52
Crosshatching and brush size 05:53
Covering up and augmenting details 07:36
Painting in hair and fabric 05:54
Painting and scaling very fine hairs 08:07
Adding texture with the Emboss filter 08:31
Exploiting a "happy accident" 02:46
01:40:55 32. Auto-Align, Auto-Blend, and Photomerge
Artificial intelligence that works 01:22
The Auto-Align Layers command 07:25
The Auto-Blend Layers command 03:54
Masking auto-aligned layers 04:50
The Geometric Distortion setting 06:44
The Seamless Tones and Colors checkbox 04:08
Creating the best possible layer mask 09:18
Auto-blending depths of field 05:54
Finessing masks, accepting imperfections 06:29
Shooting and downsampling panorama images 05:54
Introducing the Photomerge command 06:40
Evaluating the Layout settings 06:47
Loading, aligning, and blending with Photomerge 05:36
Tracing and extracting seams 07:18
Adding a masked element into a panorama 05:55
Simplifying and correcting a panorama 05:58
Smart Filters and nondestructive cropping 06:43
01:18:43 33. High Dynamic Range (HDR Pro)
The most mysterious of mysterious topics 02:29
Introducing HDR Toning 06:43
Reigning in clipped highlights 05:54
The Local Adaptation options 09:05
Nondestructive editing with HDR Toning 08:22
Using the HDR Toning Curve 07:02
HDR Toning vs. Shadows/Highlights 06:00
Merging multiple exposures 07:14
A first look at HDR Pro 06:24
Removing ghosts, correcting backlighting 07:11
Generating and editing an HDR comp 07:00
HDR rendered to completion 05:19
01:27:07 34. Actions and Batch Processing
Processing hundreds of files in no time 01:43
Creating an action set 06:37
Making an action 07:07
Stop, Delete, and Record 07:12
Add, Undo, and Rerecord 06:40
Playing and testing an action 06:31
Playing and editing a specific operation 06:39
Permitting the user to change settings 04:58
Explaining an action with a custom stop 05:00
Batch-processing multiple images 07:22
Adding a Save As operation 06:34
Creating an action to save web graphics 07:59
Batching two actions into one 07:15
Saving and loading actions 05:30
01:19 Conclusion
See ya 01:19


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  • ps�̳�-Photoshop CS5 ��ͨHDR�߶�̬������Ⱦ�̳���Ƶ�̳� ȫ18�� ps�������
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  • ps�̳�-Photoshop CS5 ��Ӱʦר��̳� ��Ƶ�̳� ȫ199�� ps�������
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  • ps�̳�-Photoshop CS4 ���ܶ�����Ƶ�̳� ȫ95�� ps�������
  • ps�̳�-Photoshop CS4+CORELDRAW X4 (ps)ƽ�������Ƶ�̳� ���İ� ȫ61�� ps�������
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  • ps�̳�-���İ�Photoshop CS3ר�ҽ�����Ƶ�̳�-PSʵսǰ�ش������
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  • ps�̳�-���İ�photoshop+illustrator������ҵ�廭��Ƶ�̳� ȫ7�� ps
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  • ps�̳�-oeasy������תphotoshop��Ƶ�̳� ���İ� ȫ99�� ps
  • ps�̳�-Photoshop�����̳� ��Ƶ�̳� ȫ200�� 091-200 ps
  • ps�̳�-Photoshop�����̳� ��Ƶ�̳� ȫ200�� 001-090 ps
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  • ps�̳�-���İ�Photoshop ����Ч��1000����Ƶ�̳� ȫ288�� 158-288�� ps
  • ps�̳�-���İ�Photoshop ����Ч��1000����Ƶ�̳� ȫ288�� 001-157�� ps
  • ps�̳�-���������ʦ-���İ�Photoshop����Ӧ��ȫ�Ӵ���Ƶ�̳� ȫ24�� ps�������
  • ps�̳�-���İ����Photoshop��Ƶ�̳� ȫ15�� ps
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  • ps�̳�-���İ�psʵ��(photoshop)��Ƶ�̳� ȫ59�� ps�������
  • ps�̳�-Photoshop��ƻ�����ѵ ȫ31��+Դ�ļ� ps�������
  • ps�̳�-ʹ��Photoshop����Ƭת�����ͻ� ȫ45��+Դ�� ps�������
  • ps�̳�-���İ�PhotoShop��ʦ֮·��Ƶ1559���� ps�������
  • ps�̳�-Photoshop��ʦ��������Ƭ����¼�� ps�������
  • ps�̳�-Photoshop��ʦ�����ڰ������ɫ��Ƶ�̳� ps�������
  • ps�̳�-Photoshop������Ƭ�����ȫ��Ƶ�̳� ȫ191�� ps�������
  • ps�̳�-Photoshop���ѧϰ��ͬ��ͼ������Ƶ�̳� ȫ80�� ps�������
  • ps�̳�-Photoshop������ʵ����Ƶ�̳� ȫ107�� ps�������
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